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Attn: Beneficiary,

Welcome to NatWest bank where all financial impossibilities are made possible.
We have three {3} types of none residential offshore account accessible 24/7 world wide with the use of internet. This type of account basically is opened by foreigners doing business and transferring huge amount of money without much awareness by government or other organisations across the globe.
NatWest bank as an inter telex banking is legally operating this service and all information shared with us through the internet remains confidential within you and our internet computerise system.
Once again please note that this is inter telex electronic banking and all information shared within this account and the details or email exchange MUST solely be within you and the NatWest Offshore e-banking, any third party involve will act as a threat to the security of your account.
You are advice to pick your most convenient and affordable type of account below, for any account picked will be activated with the amount attached to it, so be informed that you are paying upfront the activation cost of your chosen type of account.
1. TRANSIT ACCOUNT - is a normal account for both travelers and foreigners, the initial deposit is $199.00 USD. This account offer the convenience of easy opening and the benefit of earning interest with full online access and transfers.
2. PERSONAL ACCOUNT - is a daily business Account; the initial deposit is $1,299.00 USD. This account offer the convenience of easy opening and the benefit of earning interest without requiring high balances.
3. BUSINESS ACCOUNT - is designed for businesses who require complete online banking services. Customers under this platform enjoy inter-bank online transfers and a host of other facilities. The initial deposit is $1,999.00 USD.
The three {3} types of online accounts above can be access anywhere you can access the Internet - at home, at work, travelling on business or vacation. You can also transfer money online with the use of your login details which will be sent to you after you open your new account, instructions directing you on how to make use of the details will be sent along the account details after your account is opened.
Fill the Account Opening Form below and send back to us. Also we will inform you the payment modalities as soon as the completed form has been returned to us via this same email.

BENEFICIARY PERSONAL INFORMATION First name(s)*__________Last name*_________Gender*____________ Date of birth*(ddmmyyyy)___________Nationality*___Country of residence*______________ID number*_____________Email address*____________Contact address*_________________________Mobile phone number*__________Other phone numbers*________ Occupation*_______________ The name of account you have chosen from the three types of account listed above*________________Your next of kin*________________________ How did you find us?*___________

Your information will be entered into our Group database which is used by other members of the NATWEST Group. Relevant information may also be exchanged with members of the NATWEST Group to provide you with services and to process information on your behalf (in jurisdictions inside and outside the European Economic Area where there may be less stringent data protection laws). Wherever it is processed, your information will be protected by a strict code of secrecy and security which all members of the NATWEST Group and their staff are subject to and will only be used in accordance with our instructions. In order to deliver continued improvements to our customer service we may contact you to ensure that the information you have requested has been received. To help us to continually improve our service and in the interests of security, we may monitor or record your telephone calls with us.

Customer Care.

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