from Elizabeth Etters to Chris East

Dear Friend,

Thank you very much for your prompt response i am very happy you have started this to this stage and i can see your willingness and readiness to make sure this project is implemented in good faith.

I want you to be rest assured that the bank will never let me down because i have been a good customer and they have assured me 100% out most confidentiality and promptness till this process is completed. I want you to be steadfast with this account opening process with the bank and keep me on daily update as you proceed.

I am not used to trusting humans but i will trust you totally because of the spirit using me to contact you at the moment.
Please specify what is the present update with you and the bank right now and when should i expect this to be completed now that you are in contact with the bank. I hope you email to them was successfully acknowledged? Please i quote make sure you email is sent to the bank direct central unit contact email {natwest@notarios.com} and if you do not hear from them within 24hrs please call any of the numbers i will be waiting for your update.


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  1. I had a dream about Elizabeth Etters last night. She was in some 'at home with...' magazine article and it was a photo of her and her husband.
    The article said how rich she was and I remember thinking I need to tell Chris it's real and that she's telling the truth
    But now I'm 'awake', I'm not sure this is real Chris... sorry.