from Chris East to Elizabeth Etters

Elizabeth Etters
I am unsure if you have actually read the email I sent before. Did you?
It would be simple for you to donate the money to a worthy charity.
There is a list here, I am sure there are websites and on those websites it is likely they will have contact details and using those details you can get your message to hungry hungry ears.

I am sorry that you believe this is a 'sinful world', that is a shame and tragic. I am sorry that your life has led you to this point. I hope that my life doesn't make me feel the same way when I am about to die, you sound bitter, and if I still have some of your money left over, I hope I have the clarity of mind to email someone who is helpful enough to spend it. I assure you that confidentiality is the last thing on my mind right now, I am worried, very worried for my own soul.

I certainly am above the age of 18 and have been for many years. In the UK that means I can vote, so that's good. It also means I can vote whilst drunk.

Do you have a phone number for the finance firm? I would like to give them a call. They sound nice.

Chris East

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