from Chris East to Elizabeth Etters


I think that perhaps you have chosen the wrong person to carry out this work. I am not reponsible enough for such a task. Any sum of money given to me will surely be spent on whimsical things, such as stationery and sticker books.

May I suggest pledging the money as a donation to a sympathetic charitable organisation? It seems to me that elderly people often enjoy leaving large amounts of inheritance to animal charities, that way animals can live in oppulence for the remainder of their lives, they can eat fresh fish and play amongst the trees and some of them can have lessons in sign language. Or perhaps a charity that maintains an old steam railway. If you would like a list of possible charitable trusts who could use your considerable wealth I would be happy to assist.

I am not a strong Christian, in fact, I find myself quite uncomfortable when visiting large churches or cathedrals as a tourist. I am not what you might call 'a sinner', speaking in broad generalisations I would tend to refer to myself as a Good Person, however I would be unable to truly perform any 'Glory of God' type stuff. Unless you mean a small magic show for an audience of children younger than ten years old, I could possibly do that.

I hope you do something good with your money. You should try emailing some more strangers, they might have some ideas.

Good luck

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